Chloe Heung


1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I am from Hong Kong and spent most of my life there. I received the Rotary scholarship to study a Master’s in International Development Economics at Yale University in the States. I am working in a development NGO, World Vision, in Thailand now. 

2) What were some highlights from your Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship?

I think with Rotary, it’s always about the People. I went to several club meetings and enjoyed knowing people that I would not have known without Rotary. As a foreign student, it’s quite difficult to get to know the local people and Rotary provided this opportunity for me. My host club, Rotary of North Haven, was very nice to me. They picked me up at the airport with a basket of groceries!

As a scholar, it was also my responsibility to speak to different clubs. This gave me an opportunity to talk about Hong Kong, China or International development as these topics were related to my scholarship. It’s a fun and new experience and I learned a lot from the discussion with a wide range of audience.

3) As a past board member of RAAGNE, do you have any thoughts to share with our readers about RAAGNE and also do you have any advice for the current RAAGNE members/board?

First, I want to say “thank you” the readers for taking the time to read our newsletter. By connecting with RAAGNE, it means you have the intention to stay connected with Rotary. It might be difficult or a bit odd to do so, but I can tell you that Rotarian or Rotary alumni are really fun crowd to hang out with. I also encourage members to share about their stories. You never know who would read this and how your story will inspire people. I also think it’s one of the ways to give back to Rotary. The organization RAAGNE was set up to help people connecting with each other and it does take time, and I am very grateful for the board member for their contribution to RAAGNE. 

4) Since you’re involved with Rotary still, what are some of the challenges do you think Rotary will face moving down and what thoughts do you have about that?

We talked about Rotary is aging and the membership in the US or other countries is decreasing. That’s probably true if we are look at who are Rotarian exclusively. But I think Rotary is broader than that. We of course would want to see more Rotary clubs and more members, but at the same time, Rotary is contributing to the society in different ways. We invite our friends to join a fundraising event, to speak in a club, or to volunteer for a NGO. Though many of them are not Rotarians, they support what we believe and contribute to make a difference. 

5) What is your favorite quote?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis