Laís S. D’Alembert 


There is nothing more gratifying than staying in touch with former Rotary Alumni that have proceeded to make a difference in the world. We’d like to shed some light on individuals who have received an award to pursue their education by diversifying themselves through education abroad or other opportunities that have enabled them to grow academically and individually. Read about what some of these Alumni are doing now!

Meet Laís a Brazilian born Rotary recipient who became a Rotary member through Interact, where she developed great friendships and leadership skills as the President of the International Services Committee. Three years later she got the experience of a lifetime through the Rotary International Youth Exchange to study abroad in Germany.

“I would say the highlight during my exchange program was being invited as the only teenager (16 years old back then) that took place in Euro meetings (biennial meeting of European Rotary clubs) where I could help my local RC’s to communicate with other European Rotarians who could only speak Italian, being a German-Italian ambassador. During the gala-dinner I had the pleasure to share the table with fellow Rotarians from Italy, Belgium and Ireland – that marked the beginning of a lifelong friendship, which led me to being invited to visit their countries, and therefore their Rotary clubs. It was a marvelous experience! I believe it was destiny, because since then, we are in constant contact and I am considered as part of their families and always come back to visit either for weddings in the Mediterranean or for horseback riding international events in the Flemish part of Belgium for instance. I must say it is indeed a big Rotarian family all over the world.”

When asked how Rotary has altered her future Laís says, “Rotary has changed my life in the sense of empowering and dignifying my life as an opportunity to serve society and to spread international understanding, goodwill, and peace. I consider alumni involvement very important through projects and causes that contribute to humanity, encouraging high ethical standards in their respective professions, always remembering and practicing our motto – “Service Above Self” through their lives.”

Currently, Laís studies International Management, alongside also being an entrepreneur and writing books. She speaks Portuguese, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish fluently and a bit of Dutch and Korean. She also mentioned that in the future she wants to keep her engagement with Rotary, by participating and developing international projects, and making a positive impact in the world.